Cell Phone Evaluation

Most cell phone cases begin with a free evaluation to determine the type and quantity of data can be retrieved from the unit.  Cell phones are sent to our corporate lab and the results are usually available within one business day.  Clients receive a summary of the data including deleted files.

Begin a Cell Phone Forensic Case

To start your case complete the Cell Phone Evaluation Form.

Please note that the evaluation process does not constitute a Client/Expert relationship.  Neither United States Forensics, LLC nor it’s experts can be listed in court proceedings as an expert witness until an Agreement for Forensic Services has been accepted.  If you require such an agreement please complete our Confidential Consultation Form or call and an agreement will be prepared.

Once we have your evaluation form you will receive an email with a link to our F.A.S.T ™ Case Management System.  There you will be able to setup your username and password.  This system logs communications regarding the case as well as providing links to reports and downloads.
We recommend using a carrier such as FedEx or UPS.  Items should be securely packaged, FedEx Kinkos has a small electronics shipping container which works very well for this purpose.  Please ship “Signature Required” and insure for the proper amount.  Ship to:


Cell Phone Forensic Pricing

No Charge for our evaluation to determine what data is recoverable.
We have a Flat Rate of $598.00  for the standard report to be produced in a database format. This package includes a reader program allowing users to easily navigate, search, and print out content.
This is an additional option for the added on price of $98.00 to the main database report.  It includes internet data such as sites, chats, search terms, and social media programs, presented in an organized method.
Advanced cell phone forensics such as operating system examination, application analysis, and binary searches are quoted based on our initial evaluation determinations.  Typically you will receive a flat rate and a detailed description of the work to be performed.