FIRST LOOK ™  Computer Forensic Service

The FIRST LOOK ™ service is a Flat Rate program designed to provide affordable forensic processing of a Windows based computer hard drive of up to 500 GB in size. While this is not an in-depth examination of the system, it does usually result in valuable information which can determine if additional analysis is warranted.  The Program includes the following:

Systems are processed in our main lab.  If the hard drive cannot leave its current location, local imaging of the drive can be arranged for an additional charge.
All evidence is handled with the utmost care, once it is received a strong Chain of Custody is documented to establish that all proper procedures are followed.
Using specialized tools the hard drive is “Bitstream” imaged.  The newly created image is then verified to be a forensic duplicate of the original.
Recovered files are searched for up to 5 keywords and /or keyword combinations.  Our examiners will assist in optimizing the search terms in order to get the most relevant results.
Based on the keyword search a file listing is created and delivered via a secure download.
Depending on the nature of your case we will evaluate the evidence and recommend what, if any, additional examinations may be warranted.

Our FIRST LOOK ™  is affordably priced at only $598.00