eDiscovery+ ™  REVIEW PLATFORM

Instantly Productive with Intuition and Speed

Forget waiting days or weeks to access your data. With our High Performance Computing Processing Engines, data is loaded and analyzed in hours, giving you immediate viewing capabilities. You can access and review your data from anywhere on the globe, while collaborating with social media features for an even greater efficiency, productivity, and cost savings.

eDiscovery in Boston Massachusetts

Manage Content

Boston Massachusetts eDiscovery Review

Organize, view, and share all of your content online in a secure familiar file and folder structure. Preview any file with the integrated viewer and no software is required.


eDiscovery Experts in Boston Massachusetts

Collaborate using blog posts, comments, tags, and form templates to share your meeting notes, ideas, and manage projects with ease.


Boston Massachusetts eDiscovery Search

Discover what you’re looking for with full-text, fields, metadata, or any combination using the advanced search builder.


Boston Massachusetts eDiscovery Reports

Datasets can be produced in Native, PDF or TIFF formats.  Load files are available for industry standard Summation or Concordance tools.

Flat Rate Pricing

  • Includes Training
  • Unlimited Users
  • Initial 1GB Data
  • Native, PDF or TIFF
  • Load Files
  • 1 Year Storage