Audio Forensics and Clarification Services

Audio Forensics covers a wide range of techniques to clarify and analyze audio sources.  A common key element is the documentation and repeatability of the work performed.  Our experts have worked hundreds of cases and have provided testimony in both Federal and States Courts.  Here are some of our Audio Forensics services:

Audio Clarification is designed to improve the intelligibility of the recorded event.  This could include anything from human voices to pertinent sounds.  Often this includes the removal of background noises and enhancement of the subject audio.
Standard Transcription services typically cannot discern poor quality audio.  Audio normally marked as [inaudible], can very possibly be recovered by our trained experts.  To further the Clarification process the transcription and enhanced audio can be presented in a video format using a subtitled style.
Our experts can combine multiple audio and video sources in order to produce an accurate depiction of an event.  It is not uncommon for there to be many recordings from sources such as cell phones, surveillance cameras, police dash cams and etc.  Each may bring a partial aspect of an event but by combining, clarifying and synchronizing, a more complete representation of the events emerges.
This exam is often used to identify an unknown subject in a recording and can also be used to rule out a suspect.  Voice recognition is a biometric science which relies on physical attributes of the vocal tract as well as speech characteristics.
An Audio Authentication exam will test for alteration or editing of a recording.  This process includes critical listening, metadata examination, waveform and spectrogram analysis. Other methods may be employed as well, such as equipment examination.