Computer & Network Forensic Services

Computer and Network Forensics can uncover a wealth of information.  Our examiners are trained in proper preservation, examination and reporting of computer data and usage.

The Analysis phase is a critical element where we:

  • Determine sources of digital evidence.
  • Develop keyword search and exam parameters.
  • Assist in litigation objections.
  • Prepare the case budget and establish deadlines.

  • Chain of Custody is established.
  • Evidence is write protected to insure data integrity.
  • Forensic images (duplicates) are created and verified.
  • Evidence is encrypted to protect confidentiality.

  • Recover lost and deleted files.
  • Search for relevant user files.
  • Determine chain of events.
  • In-depth system exam is performed to determine user activities.

  • Examination procedures are logged and maintained.
  • Produce relevant documents in native format.
  • Detailed reports along with technical explanation.
  • Create jury friendly exhibits.

  • Affidavits of work performed and conclusion reached.
  • Assist counsel in preparations of Depositions.
  • Prepare courtroom multi-media presentations.
  • Provide expert testimony of examinations performed.

We treat all matters as confidential and will only contact you by the method of your choosing.  To get a free initial consultation and estimate on your case, please click above or call anytime.  After hour inquiries are typically responded to within 1 hour.