Cyber Investigative Services

Cybercrime continues to grow year by year and can have enormous implications on both individuals and corporations.  These often include fraud, extortion, harassment, and theft.  If you feel you have been a victim of cybercrime, please first contact your local Law Enforcement Office, and then contact us for a free consultation of your case.
Criminals attack computers and cell phones on a daily basis.  These crimes include corporate espionage, identity theft, bank fraud and even voyeurism.  Our experts are trained at detecting and sourcing the originators malicious activity.
Emails contain a wealth of hidden data that can assist in tracing fraudulent activity.  Originating IP address, message ID, and server routing are just a few.
Stalking and harassment has now reached the digital age.  This often includes negative social media posts, unwanted electronic communications, and even hacked devices.  If you are feeling threatened by a cyber stalker please contact your local Law Enforcement Office and then let us help you with the preservation of evidence followed by our expert examination.

We treat all matters as confidential and will only contact you by the method of your choosing.  To get a free initial consultation and estimate on your case, please click above or call anytime.  After hour inquiries are typically responded to within 1 hour.